We Went Back

Bruno 2
Dead cpt
Plants 2
Screenshots captured in Engine

We Went Back is a sci-fi time-looping horror game located on an abandoned lunar station. Explore, deduce, and unleash terror in order to find a way out.

Publisher: Dead Thread Games

Read More about us at www.deadthreadgames.com

Tools & Technologies: Unreal Engine 4, C++, Visual Studio 19, Perforce

(This game is available on Steam for free to play)

My Roles and Responsibilities

My Role: Gameplay programmer

Things I have enjoyed working until now.
- Created a precise UI Interactable system for interactable objects in the game.
- Exposed crucial variables for designers to tweak the system from the editor in Engine.
- Handling the main game loop logic and triggering events based on that.
- Converting Blueprints to fast C++ code.